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Texa Metals & Alloys Pvt Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of Aluminium Alloy Ingots & Aluminium Molten (liquid) Alloys. We are fastest growing company in Aluminium Alloy manufacturing. Texa manufacture different grades and specifications as per the IS, BS, JIS, DIN and ASTM standards.

Aluminium Alloy Ingots
Aluminium Alloy Ingots

Texa manufactures high quality Aluminium Alloy Ingots of various grades. We carefully monitor our quality and the chemical composition for all our alloys. We produce a vast range of aluminium alloys such as ADC 12, LM 24, LM 6, Al Si 132, Al Si9 Cu3, AC2B, AC4B, Al Si7mg, Al Si10 Mg.

Texa maintains highest standards through the entire value chain right from the raw material sourcing up to the delivery of ingots. Our state of the art facility has various standard lab equipment to ensure consistent quality product of International standards. In addition to the Product quality assurance, our quality control department also provides after sales services to our customers. To Enhance your performance we offer consulting and troubleshooting service to all our customers.

Molten (liquid) Aluminium Alloys
Molten (liquid) Aluminium Alloys

Get Molten Aluminium Alloy delivered direct to your Industry, We are the first manufacturer to deliver Molten Aluminium Alloy in Maharashtra. The concept of molten aluminium alloy has significant cost benefits to customer and is also beneficial for the environmental sustainability. Molten aluminium alloy allow us to save greenhouse gas emissions and at the same time saves energy compared to delivering the same quantity of aluminium in ingot form.

In order to ensure that your production processes run smoothly, we deliver the molten aluminium alloy directly from Texa to client with integrated supply chain, allowing for further processing without re-melting.

Molten(liquid) aluminium alloy has a number of advantages. Firstly less metal is wasted as remelting is unnecessary. In addition to that energy, storage and logistic costs are saved. In order to allow our customers to benefit from all these advantages, we not only supply Aluminium in Ingot form, but also in molten form.

Aluminium Alloy Ingots
Chemical Composition Aluminium Alloy Grades

We manufacture and supply a wide range of Aluminium alloy ingots that are in complete compatibility with Euro six norms. Our PAPL Aluminium alloys find wide applications in various Aluminium pressure die casting units, automotive parts manufacturing units, building and construction material etc.

Over the years we have carved a niche as one of the leading Aluminium alloy ingots and Aluminium ingots manufacturers and exporters from India. Fabricated from the finest quality alloy our ingots are valued for increasing fuel efficiencies of automobiles and reducing their power consumption. Being in sync with environment and sustainable development, our range of products is recyclable.

Research & Development

"Speed of innovation is all that matters"

Commercial cast aluminium alloys fall into one of two categories either possessing high-yield strength or possessing high conductivity. So it is difficult to get the both required strength and conductivity using single grade aluminium alloy.

Texa Metals & Alloys inventing new aluminium alloys that can maintain high-yield strength and high conductivity while still being used for die casting electric car parts. Also Texa has manufacturing facilities for newly created alloys.

As automotive industry is moving towards integrated technology of electric vehicle (EV), all EV manufacturers are keen towards new and advance alloys for technological advancement of EV. Using such alloy electric car manufacturer get advancement in car’s motor efficiency. This will increase the mileage of a vehicle.

Texa is engaged in creating advance alloys with high-yield strength and conductivity while being resistant to hot tearing in order to be used in die casting drive unit components and EV body parts.

texa facilities

Texa has installed state of the art furnace of high production capacity in its manufacturing plant. With the use of this furnace, Texa manufactures high quality standard aluminium alloy ingots to its customer.


Texa uses the new generation German Spectrometer analyser provides greater analytical performance, productivity, and savings. The analyser is the clear choice for both manufacturing plants that demand analytical excellence in every incoming and outgoing material control application and foundries that require accurate elemental analysis of metals from incoming materials to in-process testing to final quality inspection.

Universal Testing Machine
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